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PLEASE read the health requirements section for the animals you will be bringing to make sure they will qualify to be sold the day of the sale without any complications. For more information please visit Missouri Department of Agriculture.

We are providing the following information in an effort to make it easier for you to come prepared with your animals.

ALL ANIMALS MUST MEET MISSOURI HEALTH REGULATIONSAnimals not accompanied by proper health papers WILL NOT be accepted.  It is the seller's and buyer's responsibility to know state and federal regulations. Any animal, regardless of testing requirements, must be accompanied by a general health paper.

NOTENO greater apes, NO big cats or big bears over six months, NO wolves, NO skunks or raccoons may  be brought into the State of Missouri. USDA, USDI, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Missouri Department of Conservation laws will govern all sales.  Have your permits, license, and tax numbers with you. 


This can be obtained by calling the Missouri Department of Agriculture at 573-751-4359.  This number must be written on the general health paper. Missouri Livestock Import Permits



TB and Brucellosis test is required unless your state is TB and Brucellosis free. If this is the case for your state, you cattle and buffalo may enter Misosuri without these tests (certificate of vet inspection still required). These animals must be identified and this tag # written on health papers. Calves two months and younger require entry permit. ANY OUT-OF-STATE DOMESTIC (TO INCLUDE WATUSI, BRAHMA, HIGHLANDER, ETC.) AND AMERICAN BISON BULLS MUST BE TESTED FOR TRICHOMONIASIS. IF YOUR BULL IS A VIRGIN BULL (LESS THAN 24 MOS.), A CERTIFICATE MUST ACCOMPANY THE BULL STATING THIS. MINIATURE CATTLE ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS REQUIREMENT.



** Due to the changing health requirements for deer and elk, we are requiring preconsignment of these animals to avoid any confusion or problem for the consignor upon checking in at our facility.  It is important to contact Mid-America Animal Sales @ 573-824-5575 to preconsign deer and elk.**



A 6 month neg Coggins test is required on all equine regardless of age.  The only exception to this is a baby that is being sold with the mother as 1 unit. In this case, the baby does not need to be tested, only listed with the mother on the health certificate.



Must have general health papers.  Must be permanently identified. Registration papers with picture is sufficient form of ID. If your animal is not registered, options for permanent identification include a metal ear tag, plastic ear tag, or tattoo.



Must have general health papers.  Animals must be permanently identified. Options for permanent identification include metal or plastic ear tag or tattoo.


On swine, please call the Missouri Dept of Ag at 573-751-4359 for requirements. These change frequently so it is best to check with our state. Entry permit # required on swine.


Must have general health paper stating from disease free herd. The following applies to all sheep, goats, and antelope: Scrapie eradication program took effect in February of 2002. All sheep, goats, and antelope must be tagged with a scrapie tag obtained through your state's department of agriculture. Tags and tagger are available for free. This tag number must be written on the health paper. We will have tags at our facility and will tag any animal coming into our sale that does not have one. A $2.00 fee per animal will be charged for providing this service.


Must have Pullorum test papers to enter Missouri.  Poultry and hatching enggs entering Missouri require an entry permit number. Missouri birds need only general health papers. NO cardboard boxes accepted. All Swap consignments must be accompanied by a general health certificate. All cages must have a solid bottom. A bedding of hay over the wire cage bottom is not acceptable as a solid bottom. Your attention to this is appreciated. 

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